World Baijiu Day: 8 August 2015

Baijiu is the planet’s most popular spirit but is almost wholly produced and consumed in China. World Baijiu Day aims to introduce it to people around the globe, in the same spirit as events that promote gin, vodka, whisky and rum.

Baijiu is already attracting plenty of interest beyond Chinese drinkers. A group of expatriates opened a baijiu-themed bar in Beijing last year and another such bar is set to open in New York this month. Nine bars in London held a baijiu cocktail week during the Chinese New Year holidays. And the first English-language guide to baijiu is now available, a timely publication given the growing number of bartenders who are experimenting with this spirit.

World Baijiu Day will see bars feature cocktails that use baijiu and flights that contrast different styles of this spirit, and more. Over the next month, this site will grow to include info about such events as well as a baijiu FAQ, tips on where to buy baijiu outside China and a list of online and print resources.

Interested in more info or participating? Contact World Baijiu Day at spirit (at)

World Baijiu Day is held each August 9. See our 2018 event list here. The 2019 list is coming soon. Follow World Baijiu Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get in touch with Jim Boyce via spirit (at)

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