Producers | Pig’s Blood, Egg Whites and Baijiu at Yimuquan

I made the short trip from Beijing to Baoding last week to visit a baijiu factory that I was told used unusual containers. Turns out the company, Yimuquan, is using some 68-year-old containers made from willow branches — the ongoing civil war at the time of production, 1948, made metal scarce — and sealed from inside with cotton paper, pig’s blood and egg whites. I’ll soon have more on these vats, and the baijiu they contain, but for now a few photos.

bainian baoding baijiu china
Over one hundred of these woven willow containers were made in the late 1940’s and several dozen remain in use.
bainian baoding baijiu factory china (2)
General manager Zhang Jijiun climbs on top of one of the containers to secure some baijiu.
bainian baoding baijiu factory china (3)
The containers are topped with a cotton cloth and wooden top. Zhang has pulled it away so we can have an impromptu tasting.
bainian baoding baijiu china (2)
The company also stores baijiu in more commonly used containers.

Again, more details on these containers, and tasting notes on the baijius themselves, to come.

Thanks to Baoding HQ for arranging this trip.

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