‘Qu Brew’ | Update on Jing-A’s baijiu beer in Beijing

jing-a taproom baijiu qu beer beijing china

Co-owners Kristian Li and Alex Acker of craft brewery Jing-A in Beijing made strong progress this week on making a beer using qu, the fermentation agent for baijiu, to be served on August 8. These guys made a ‘qu brew’ last year, too, and are looking to fine-tune things this time around.

The situation went from planning to practice on Friday as Jing-A made twelve samples using qu from distilleries in Baoding and Wuhu as well as a commercial brand. Each qu was used on its own or in combination with another qu and a taste test will soon be done to judge the potential of each of the dozen samples. One will eventually be chosen to make a beer for World Baijiu Day. More updates to come.

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