French tipple | A trio of baijiu cocktails at Carry Nation in Marseilles

By Jim Boyce | Curious imbibers in Marseilles can slip into the cozy confines of speakeasy Carry Nation on World Baijiu Day to try China’s national tipple in cocktail form.

Guillaume Ferroni says the bar will offer three options.

“We already have one recipe for now,” he says. “And each of our main bartenders will also do a cocktail. Mine is already made.”

Ferroni says baijiu is a complicated spirit, one that requires some education, even one that “may take a long time.”

“It’s important to explain the product, to go step by step,” he says. “I would first explain the product and let them know that the taste may be unexpected.

“As a friend of mine says ‘It’s like introducing (strong) French cheese to a foreigner’.”

The trio of baijiu-based Carry Nation cocktails will be available from 7 PM to 1 AM on August 9.

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