2018 Events

World Baijiu Day is held on August 9 and features the planet’s most popular spirit.

The initial 2018 city list is below. The next update is July 13 and will include more cities, event details and addresses. Click a city name to see what’s happening! 

Bangkok | Beijing | Buenos Aires | Capetown | Chengdu | Christchurch | Hong KongLondonLos Angeles | MarseillesMelbourneMilan | MinskNew YorkParis | Portland | Shanghai | Singapore |StockholmTaipeiTianjinWashington


I listed Bangkok just minutes before publishing this initial city list as former Beijing resident Kirby Carder contacted me and plans to organize an event there! More details soon.



This baijiu bar returns for a fourth straight year. Now in its second location, and still managed by David Putney, Capital Spirits has done everything from a food pairing to a quiz for previous WBDs.


Glenn Schuitman has been an avid supporter of World Baijiu Day since it started. After a trio of events at Pop-Up Beijing, including global baijiu flights in 2015, bajiu-themed tea and coffee with Good Works in 2016 and a four-course baijiu dinner with Sue Zhou Does Food in 2017, he is moving the party to Herbal, a new bar that includes Chinese medicinal ingredients in its cocktails.


This Beijing-based craft beer producer used qu, the fermentation agent for baijiu, to make unique brews in 2015 and 2016 under the guidance of Alex Acker and Kristian Li. Learn more about that first beer, the Qu Brew, here. And expect WBD fun this year at Jing-A’s new location.


Long before WBD began, Jim Spear and the team at The Schoolhouse were making baijiu liqueurs, all within view of the Great Wall. Guests enjoyed samples of those liqueurs for WBD 2015, with cocktails added in 2016 and 2017. See this post with Jim Spear for more about the liqueurs.

Beigou Village,  6162-6506, info (at) brickyardatmutianyu.com


430 | 四三〇 Ramen & Drinks

The first South American venue to join World Baijiu Day, this Asian fusion restaurant hosted a tasting of Luzhou Laojiao, ByeJoe, Hong Xing and more last year. Plus the cocktail Sheng Long Island, with baijiu, pisco, soju, sake, triple sec, raspberry syrup and lemon juice. Nicolas Constantin has more in store this year.

430 / 四三〇, 430 San Martin, map


Planning is under way for the first WBD event in Africa! Details to come.


chengdu food tours baijiu club photos from jordan porter (4)


Jordan Porter of Chengdu Food Tours organized a pair of events for WBD 2017: a baijiu class at Yi Jie Cafe that covered the spirit’s history and styles, and a pop-up bar at craft beer venue Bird’s Nest 1. More details on this year’s plans soon but word is it will involve a distillery tour by Jordan and Guillaume Cochard. Also check out Jordan’s tips on baijiu infusions.



Ben Lu and Sam Lu of New Zealand baijiu producer Taizi have been supporters of WBD since year one. They have teamed up with restaurants like Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar and Sister Kong Bao House for everything from baijiu cocktails to food pairings. More on their 2018 plans soon. And see here for an interview with Taizi’s Ben Lu.


Kelvin Tam of the Single Malt Club is not only one of the best-known promoters of single malt in China but also a connoisseur of baijiu. He is organizing a pair of baijiu master classes ahead of a consumer-oriented event on World Baijiu Day proper. More details soon.


Demon, Wise & Partners

Co-owner Paul Mathew has been working with baijiu for a decade, including during a stint in Beijing, and has been part of WBD since 2015. He has hosted WBD events at his bars The Hide Bar and Demon, Wise & Partners, with Yao Lu of Union Trading Company in Shanghai doing a guest stint last year. More details on this year’s event at Demon, Wise & Partners soon.

Demon & Wise, 27A Throgmorton St, 3774- 7654, wise (at) demonandwise.co.uk, M-F, 5 PM-late.


Peking Tavern co-owners Andrew Chiu and Andrew Wong have supported WBD since day one. In 2015, they launched the winning recipe—a baijiu sour—from an in-house cocktail contest. In 2016, they featured drinks and snacks. And last year, they turned up the heat with a cocktail called “Chinese” that included Luzhou Laojiao and fresh chili peppers. Look for more baijiu fun this year.

Peking Tavern, 806 South Spring Street. 213-988-8308.


Marseilles: Carry Nation

Speakeasy Carry Nation returns for a third year, following up on last year’s “Moutai goes Tiki” theme that saw three bartenders each design a tiki cocktail with baijiu. Carry Nation’s Guillaume Ferroni followed that with a Moutai master class.

Carry Nation, see website for address.

World Baijiu Day Pics Bar Dans Les Arbres Marseille

Meanwhile, sibling venue Bar Dans Les Arbes, a “tree bar” near Marseilles, served a Moutai and Gin Summer Punch for WBD 2017 and will feature baijiu again this year.

Bar Dans Les Arbres, see website for more details.


Melbourne: Golden Monkey


Andrew Ong and his team have featured a baijiu-inspired cocktail each year since WBD started, including the Secret of the Golden Flower. This year’s WBD will happen in a fully renovated Golden Monkey, one that includes a new bar called East China Trading Company upstairs.

Golden Monkey, Rear 389 Lonsdale Street. 9602-2055 / info (at) goldenmonkey.com.au.


Luca Barbieri has organized events the past two years, with a focus on pairing baijiu with food. Last year’s event, at dim sum restaurant Ghe Sem, also featured Moutai-based cocktails. More on Barbieri’s plans soon.


Brooklyn Wine Exchange

Pre-game for World Baijiu Day with an introduction to baijiu on August 4. Hosted by Derek Sandhaus of Ming River Baijiu, the event will include a primer on baijiu, a tasting and cocktails. Book your seat via simon (at) mingriver.com.
4 PM-6:30 PM | 138 Court Street Brooklyn, New York 11201 | 718-855-9463


Look for Lulu White Drinking Club to put Paris on this year’s World Baijiu Map. Dotan Shalev, also known for the Paris venues Little Red Doorand Bonhomie, visited Beijing earlier this year and got a good sense of baijiu and Lulu White’s head barman Ben Cooper is working on something intriguing for August 9.


Portland Distillery VINN is the sole baijiu producer in the U.S., and Michelle Ly and Vicki Ly have been WBD supporters since 2015, including with a plug on local TV. Last year, Vinn teamed up with restaurant Danwei Canting for World Baijiu Day and it looks like a repeat is in the works!

Vinn, 222 Southeast 8th Avenue, 503-807-3826

Danwei Canting, 803 Southeast Stark Street. 1-503-236-6050. Opens at 11 AM.



Logan Brouse is bringing WBD to his bar—described as a place to “get good and drunk the old fashioned way”—for a third straight year. Expect the usual potent concoctions courtesy of Brouse. Check out this Q&A with him.

Logan’s Punch, Unit 202, 2F, 99 Taixing Road, near Wujiang Road



Isz Valentino, a finalist in the Lion City Baijiu Cocktail competition held in Singapore, is participating in WBD this year! As head mixologist at Hanamco, Valentino will have some tasty options for baijiu explorers. More details soon.



Stockholm popped up on the World Baijiu Day map last year when Ludvig Sääf and Jiu Xian (酒仙), a society to promote Chinese drinking culture in Scandinavia, paired three baijius with a 16-course Chinese dinner. And Sääf has even more in the works for 2018. Check out this Q&A I recently did with him.


art of baijiu at kweichow moutai showroom sydney australia


Imogen Hayes and the team at the Moutai Showroom have been part of World Baijiu Day since the first year, starting with an “Art of Baijiu” event that included a cocktail-making session and food pairing. Look for Sydney to get into the spirit again this year.

Kweichow Moutai Showroom, 2/398 Sussex Street.


R&D is an original World Baijiu Day partner and Spencer Huang says this cocktail lounge will be back for a fourth straight year. Check out last year’s drinks, including the Prince Kaoliang, here. And I’ll have more on this year’s concoctions soon.



Steve Wang gave his craft beers a baijiu float in 2016 courtesy of plum and cranberry infusions. A year of aging gave those infusions a new dimension in 2017. “The flavor is much more rich and intense,” he says. “I tasted it a of couple days ago and it was the bomb.” Look for Wang to do more experiments with baijiu floats this year.

WE Brewery, 4 Yiheli, Xi’an Dao, Heping


Another World Baijiu Day, another baijiu-inspired dish. The Hyatt Regency will also have a 20 percent discount on all Tianjin baijius on August 9. More details soon.


Confucius Wisdom

David Zhou of U.S. baijiu brand Confucius Wisdom has been organizing WBD events in the Washington, D.C. area since 2015, including at venues like Banana Leaves, Bar Deco, Dirty Martini, Panda Gourmet and Wok ‘n’ Roll. Look for another fun slate this year. In the meantime, see this write-up about our meet-up in Beijing last year.

This list will include more cities and event details as we near World Baijiu Day on August 9. Our main theme is “beyond ganbei”, to explore baijiu through cocktails, infusions, flights, foods and more. Want us to join us? Please post your event details here or contact me at spirit (at) worldbaijiuday.com.

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