World Baijiu Day shots | Fifteen photos from around the world

By Jim Boyce | They came, they saw, they baijiu’d. Events from Stockholm to Shanghai and London to Los Angeles gave people a chance to try the planet’s most-consumed spirit as cocktails, liqueurs, infusions, foods and flights.

I’m still gathering photos but here are fifteen to start—from Tianjin, Beijing, Stockholm, Chengdu, Minsk, Hunawihr, New York and Shanghai. I aim to get a much bigger gallery up in the next week.

Thanks to all who participated this year: something like this really takes a lot of teamwork!

World Baijiu Day is held each August 9. See our 2018 event list here. The 2019 list is coming soon. Follow World Baijiu Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get in touch with Jim Boyce via spirit (at)

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