Rome | Dim Sum and delicious cocktails at Dao

Want to enjoy baijiu cocktails with dumplings, dim sum and more at one of Rome’s top Chinese restaurants? Then check out Dao.

“One of my customers in Rome opened a new area inside his restaurant and is serving dim sum with baijiu cocktails,” explains Luca Barbieri, who has supported WBD since the start and promotes China’s national spirit baijiu in his homeland of Italy through 88 Baijiu.

That restaurant is Dao and it has been getting good reviews for years.

Luca Sessa at The Fork says the range of dumplings at Dao are a special highlight.

The site Romeing says, “When creativity and Chinese cuisine mix, a high level restaurant like Dao is the outcome!”

Barbieri also notes that Dao ranked among the best restaurants during the 9th Culinary Artists International Competition held during the G20 Osaka Summit this year. The contest was organized by EastEats Culture and Pasona Group.

So, when in Rome, and at Dao, do get some dim sum and dumplings on August 9.

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