San bei! Capital Spirits 3 is open

Baijiu bar Capital Spirits has reopened in new digs. You’ll find the third distillation of this five-year-old project in the Longfu Building on Longfusi Street, close to where the new Jing-A will be. Here are the details:

Capital Spirits dates to 2014 when Bill Isler, Matthias Heger and Simon Dang opened a baijiu-centric bar in Daju Hutong. The trio then teamed up with Luzhou Laojiao to launch a new baijiu, Ming River. Derek Sandhaus came on board to help promote the baijiu, with David Putney taking over the bar, including when it closed and moved to Xinsi Hutong.

This newest version is headed by veteran baijiu cocktail maker Tina, with whom I had a very short exchange today. “Do you the same cocktail menu?” “Yes, of course.” “You still have the baijiu flights?” “Yes, of course.” Done and done.

The cocktails start at rmb50 for a baijiu sour, with the rest from rmb60 to rmb80. A baijiu intro flight is rmb50.

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