Ganbei! Happy Year of the Ox!

With just under six months until the 7th World Baijiu Day, and with Year of the Ox underway, we’re starting to feel the spirit for this annual August 9 event. Expect lots of WBD updates / recaps, baijiu cocktail ideas, posts about people joining our cause planetwide, and more.

You can also get info via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And if you’d like to tell your story, be a part of our Confessions of a Baijiu Drinker series.

Many thanks to all those who supported WBD 2020. It wasn’t easy but we managed to have quite a few events — either in person or virtually — and keep the spirit going.

Wishing everyone the best for Year of the Ox!

Here are a few photos from 2020, with more posts to come.

World Baijiu Day is held each August 9. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This project has no financial backers. Help support it via PayPal or WeChatGet in touch via spirit (at)

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