WBD Beijing | Moutai mochas and baijiu iced teas with Good Works

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By Jim Boyce
| Pop-Up Beijing and Good Works will partner on August 6 for what might be a first: an event that pairs baijiu with both coffee and tea.

Good Works is a not-for-profit project that sources its beans and leaves from small producers in the southwest province of Yunnan. Along with his duties running the company, manager Sam Cornthwaite says he’s been working with baijiu.

“Good Works has spent the better part of the past six months exploring the relationship between baijiu and coffee,” he is quoted as saying. “From barrel aging, to brewing and beyond, we’ve pushed the limits on how the duo can create a beautiful pairing.”

Pop-Up customers will get a chance to try a couple of those creations from 4 PM to 5 PM on August 6.

“We’ll be slinging Iced Moutai Mochas using a rustic and rugged coffee called ‘Dragon’,” says Cornthwaite.

His team will also serve “Hainan Island Iced Tea“, which he describes as “a sweet and tart tisane showcasing mint, stevia and orange peel, and hardened by a hibiscus-infused baijiu.”

The informal theme of World Baijiu Day is “beyond ganbei” and Good Works has certainly embraced it.

Get both the mochas and the iced tea for rmb50, with all money going to Good Workers and its mission to help train late-teen orphans and get them jobs in the coffee and tea sectors.

To book a spot, email hello (at) popupbeijing.com or call 6502-5725 from noon to 10 PM.

Pop-Up will also host a World Baijiu Tour the same day at 7 PM, featuring brands from the United States, New Zealand and China. More details here.

You can also pop over to Jing-A, which will have its Qu Brew on tap, and get ‘drunken shrimp’ pies from  Gung-Ho Pizza.

world baijiu day 2016 good works coffee and tea pop-up beijing

World Baijiu Day is held each August 9. See our 2018 event list here. The 2019 list is coming soon. Follow World Baijiu Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get in touch with Jim Boyce via spirit (at) worldbaijiuday.com.

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