WBD New York | Cocktail and infusion deals at baijiu bar Lumos

world baijiu day 2016 lumos new york cocktails infusions
By Jim Boyce
| New York baijiu bar Lumos has a week of specials on infusions and cocktails to mark this year’s World Baijiu Day.

“Well have $10 cocktails and infused baijiu shots for $6 every day of the week, from 6 PM to 9 PM,” says Qifan Li. “On Tuesday, August 9, these promotions will be applied all night long.”

This year’s activities will feature a special cocktail, made by Orson Salicetti. It includes HKB baijiu as well as lemon juice, agave syrup, soda water and bitters.

Lumos has seven house cocktails (regularly USD15) and several specialty ones, including a barrel-aged baijiu Manhattan. It also lists a dozen infusions, from cherry to fig to Sichuan peppercorn (regularly USD12). Check out the menu here.

You can find Lumos as 90 W Houston Street.

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