Perptual Motion | Sumiao’s top-selling baijiu cocktail in Boston

By Jim Boyce | Boston-area restaurant Sumiao Hunan Kitchen has joined World Baijiu Day the past two years by featuring tasty items like cocktails and a sizzling shrimp dish,

When it comes to the drinks, the top seller is Perpetual Motion (USD13). The base is Mianzhu Daqu (绵竹大曲), a strong aroma baijiu from Sichuan’s Jian Nan Chun (剑南春). It’s a five-grain baijiu that, says importer CNS, has “tropical fruits and floral notes.”

The recipe also includes blood orange, lime, elderflower liqueur and mint. You can also order Jian Nan Chun neat and thus compare it straight and in cocktail form.

And that’s just one drink on offer at Sumiao. There is also the Sumiao Side Car, with HKB baijiu, Hardy VS cognac, cointreau and lemon reduction ($12). And the  Pyroclastic Punch, again with HKB, plus hibiscus liqueur and passion fruit puree

Check out more recipes in the baijiu cocktail zone. And this post by Boston food and drink blogger Richard Auffrey, who has written much about both Sumiao and baijiu.

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