Auckland | A cocktail trio at Huami restaurant

Photograph by Babiche Martens.

The first World Baijiu Day event in Auckland is behind the big red doors on SkyCity’s Federal Street dining area.

There you will discover Chinese restaurant Huami (花蜜), which SkyCity marketing director Seth Maynard calls a showcase of “traditional cuisine with a modern twist.”

The menu features specialties from provinces and cities like Guangdong, Sichuan and Beijing. Expect everything from dim sum to Peking duck.

Huami also has cocktails that are perfect for those seeking to celebrate World Baijiu Day.

One is the Pao Pao Passion, which marries passionfruit, elderflower and apple with sparkling rosé. Another is the Pu’er Old Fashioned, with house pu’er baijiu, Bourbon, chocolate and aromatic bitters, and sugar. These sound like a nice complement for some quality food.

World Baijiu Day is held each August 9. See our 2018 event list here. The 2019 list is coming soon. Follow World Baijiu Day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Get in touch with Jim Boyce via spirit (at)

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